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I get a lot of hits to his page from folks who are looking for the official St. Thomas web cams.  So, there they are; follow the link.  Feel free to browse around this site and bumble into other things, but if you want to look at the campus, you won't see that here.  Sorry!


We had a departmental initiative to wear our ID badges (so folks have a clue of who we are), and my former boss started the trend of decorating them with "flair" (a nod to Office Space.)  People younger and hipper than I explained that "flair" is out and "bling" is in.  So, check out my bling.


I used to have a webcam shot here - it was the highlight of this page -  but I haven't had that camera running in months.  (And now I've moved offices so I don't even know what box it's sitting in...)  Someday, I hope to get a fancy camera up and running so you can see not only my gorgeous office, but the view out over the quad at the St. Thomas.

UPDATE (October 2005):  Okay, so after nearly three years in that gorgeous office, I never did get a webcam set up!  Nor did I get one set up in the basement office I moved to in December 2004, nor have I set one up in my current office.  So, the chances of ever seeing a web cam in my name ever again are pretty slim, from a statistical perspective.  Having said that, I'll probably have one up next week... and in the unlikely event that happens, you'll see it here first!

As a "blast from the past", here's a picture from my old web camera.  Actually, this isn't my really old web camera.  Well, actually, it is... but this was after I took out the infrared-blocking filter and moved it closer to my desk.  My really old web camera was the same QuickCam eyeball camera, attached to an old Mac LC at the far end of the room, beautifully framing me against the backdrop of my Pixar "Woody and Buzz" poster.  That ran briefly in 1998, before web-cams became as common as they are today.  (You can actually see what it looked like by visiting the archived copy of my old homepage)


Since I just modified an old "Computing and Communication Services" template when our department redefined itself into "Information Resources and Technologies", it's rough around the edges... but my "New Professional Page" is an attempt to describe my new job.  Remember, it's still a work in progress... though it hasn't progressed very far, now that up-to-date "professional pages" are no longer a departmental mandate like they were five years ago.

UPDATE (October 2005):  My "new" professional page is now out-of-date as well.  You know, I really need to update this web site, don't I?

My now-out-of-date Old Professional Page describes "who I was and what I did" through Fall 2001... at least from a work perspective.  (Note that my use of quotes indicates I'm quoting myself... from the next paragraph, which is much older than this one.  Confusing, isn't it?  I never expected to be promoted again a year after my last promotion...)

If you want, you can still have a peek at my Really Old Professional Page, which describes who I was and what I did before I was promoted to Lead Desktop/LAN Specialist.  (That was when I hung out in that office with the black and white web-cam.  See?  It all ties together!  Amazing!)



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