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updated 7.1.2005

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Outstanding though my site organization may be, I have no idea where to put this...  I came across an archive of my ancient web site (off an old Linux server in the UST Econ department named "Milkweed".)  This was built, not in FrontPage, but in Microsoft Publisher -- which was a remarkably good web publishing tool.  Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think!  You'll see me waving farewell to my first web-cam (more details about those in the Work section) as I shut it down. 


I've got a new favorite site -- a stunning application of the Internet -- that has replaced the TerraServer as my all-time coolest site.  Check out the "Moving Images archive", a subsidiary of the Internet Archive.  My personal favorite is the Prelinger Archives, which contains over 1200 "ephemeral films". 

In terms of "things that are useful when building your own site", I've started compiling a list here (one which will probably move to digedia.com at some point).


A recent conversation with a couple co-workers made me realize that I should list out all the sites I own and why I have them.  So, here you go:


emlarson.com - this personal website; a version of "me" on the web.

seeker.tv - a site for a TV program I hope to produce one day.

lexmarked.com - a site born of frustration with poor customer service.

picopay.com - a proof-of-concept payment site under development.

pottersclay.net - a site for my church's Sunday morning "Adult Bible Fellowship".

digedia.com - the future site of the business that's going to let me quit my day job.

ericast.com - where you get to hear me in the flesh (if that makes sense)


(For what it's worth, I actually own several more domains than those listed above, because I have the .com's, .net's and .org's to back up "seeker.tv".  With my seeker.TV investment riding at over $100 a year, and with its tremendous popularity hiding right around the corner, I figured it was a good idea to make sure any folks confused about the slightly unusual ".TV" name would be sure to find it no matter what more traditional URL they might try to use.)


There are lots of techno-pundits out there telling you how they predicted this, that, or the other technological revolution.  But how many of them will tell you what they got wrong?  Since that's all I remember about any of my predictions, take a look at my memories of what I've gotten wrong.



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